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Cemeteries In San Diego- Where are they?

We are using the Google Map program to assist families in locating the cemetery of their choice on an  overall San Diego city map, with the roads and freeways used to get there from your home. Also we are now able to hover (like a helicopter) over your cemetery, and show the section of the cemetery you are looking for. (“When I find Sunset section I can easily find my husbands grave, but I can’t find Sunset”). 

This procedure is for a non-technical person to do the above.


  1. Open the web-page ( (exact spelling required). 

  2. Scroll down until you see the Google map (2x2 inches) on the left. 

  3. Click "View larger map" at top.

  4. Let's find Greenwood (for example).To the Right of “San Diego, California”,  Click the X.

  5. Look for the flashing cursor over the S in San Diego. 

  6. Type in- "Greenwood Cemetery". Press Enter.

  7. Clean up the map. Hover over the little white box with the little arrow pointing to the left. It’s on the top left of the map. It will say “Collapse side panel”  Click.

  8. Play around with the little square box on the lower left of the map. Toggle to see.

  9. Look for the red arrow with pointer and a white thing in the center.  That thing is at the cemetery entrance. Click on it, and the red arrow thing will now have a black dot in the center. Greenwood will be front and center. 

  10. Use your mouse wheel to get closer. You can see the individual grave markers. 

  11. Use your left finger pointer to drag the map around.

  12. If you want to see where the cemetery is on a San Diego map, rotate the mouse wheel, and notice the little orange locator thing, at the cemetery entrance.

  13. We are working to improve the cemetery map to identify the names of the various grave sections. Watch for updates.

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